We explain the quirks of the easyJet hand luggage allowance
We explain the quirks of the easyJet hand luggage allowance

We explain the quirks of the easyJet hand luggage allowance

If you’ve booked a European city break and you’re flying with easyJet, we’ve got everything you need to know about the easyJet hand luggage allowance. Whether you’re heading to Budapest or Barcelona—don’t pack without reading this first.

It’s important to check directly with easyJet in case they’ve made any changes to their hand baggage policy before you travel though – this article is correct at the time of writing, which is April 2020, and we’ll be updating it as soon as we hear of any changes made to easyJet’s hand luggage allowance. We advise checking directly with the airline too.

What is easyJet’s hand baggage policy?

As it stands, easyJet’s current hand baggage policy is you can take one bag with you into the cabin, which should be plenty and big enough for anything you’ll want to pack for a couple of days away. But it’s not as simple as that. You will also need to be able to lift your bag yourself and place it in an overhead locker, rather than rely on someone else to do that for you.

There is also of course, a size restriction. The maximum cabin bag size for easyJet is 56 x 45 x 25cm, including handles and wheels.

Is there a weight as well as size restriction for my easyJet hand luggage?

No, easyJet doesn’t have a weight restriction when it comes for hand luggage, but it must measure a maximum of 56 x 45 x 25cm and cabin crew will check this at the gate.

Does my hand luggage need to be small enough to go under the seat in front of me?

No, but if your hand luggage will fit under the seat, that’s where you’ll be asked to place it. If it’s too big for that but is still within the easyJet hand luggage allowance size of 56 x 45 x 25cm then you’ll need to be able to lift it yourself into the overhead locker.

How likely is it that easyJet will take my bag off me and put it in the hold?

easyJet says that they allow 70 bags into the cabin on any one flight, so even if you don’t want to queue at the gate, if your heart is set on keeping your cabin bag with you, you’ll want to be at the front of that queue.

If you just miss out, easyJet staff will take your hand luggage and check it into the hold for no extra cost and you’ll only see it again on the other side. So if you really want to keep your book/phone/passport/headphones with you, we suggest taking a small bag or shopper that can easily fit inside your case, but you can use at the last minute as a cabin bag for your essentials if you need to.

I want to take an extra handbag with me, can I?

If you want to take an additional bag such as a small handbag, you can only do that if you book a fare that is one of the below four, more premium, options, which you’ll see when reserving your seat.

  • easyJet Plus

  • FLEXI fare

  • Upfront

  • Extra leg room

There is another size restriction to look out for here though, and that is that this extra handbag can’t measure more than 45cm x 36cm x 20cm.

For more Information on easyJet’s baggage fees and policy, hop over to their website here. 

Which Antler cabin bags fit the easyJet hand luggage restriction?

Hand luggage and cabin cases do come in different sizes so it’s important to check the dimensions of your bag before you travel, and before you buy a new one, if you travel with easyJet regularly. You can. see our collection of bags that meet the requirements here

Our best-selling Clifton hard-sided cabin case is perfect for easyJet and is our best-selling suitcase, favoured by the fashion set.

The Stirling soft-sided cabin case has external pockets for your travel documents or kindle so is particularly convenient for easy access on the plane.

Our Chelsea overnight bag is a beautiful holdall that will fit neatly under the seat in front of you and has pockets for all your travel essentials, including a laptop pocket.

The Stirling lie-flat holdall unzips to lie-flat to make packing extremely easy and comes with thoughtful features—it even has a pocket specifically designed for a wet umbrella. Can you tell we’re British?

What are the penalties if I get caught out by the easyJet baggage restrictions?

EasyJet does have small baggage fees. If you get caught out and your bag is larger than the hand luggage restrictions on easyJet, then you can be charged anything from £37 upwards to check your bag into the hold. So if you think you’re close to the limit, you might want to consider checking a bag into the hold before you get to the airport.

How much is it to check a bag into the hold with easyJet?

As part of the easyJet baggage fees, it will cost you from £13.99 – 33.99 when you reserve your seat, which will be far less than if you have to do it last minute at the airport.

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