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Journey of rediscovery: Antler’s new Iconic campaign

Feast your eyes on these wanderlust videos and images from our new Iconic campaign, celebrating Antler’s relaunch as the definitive British travel brand. Emboldened by our rich legacy (spanning nearly 110 years) and inspired by modern Britain, we are proud to reveal Antler’s fresh new look and feel.

The Iconic campaign features the work of acclaimed, London-based photographer Laurence Ellis, who documented his personal journey with Antler in a vivid travelling photoshoot. Recalling Antler’s 1914 beginnings, when journeys were predominantly made on the road or by train, Laurence drove from London to the Scottish Highlands with his beloved dog Rocky in tow. (Antler has a soft spot for four-legged companions.)

Acting as a visual diary, Laurence’s images immortalise various moments on the trip, revealing the changing weather conditions, environments and scenery he encountered. These shifts in time, place and space reflect the versatility and durability of our luggage, equally suited to cityscapes, countryside and sea.

Through original compositions and fresh perspectives, Laurence’s cinematic images invite the viewer in, as if you were travelling with him. Our updated stag logo (recently reimagined by lauded graphic designer Alistair Gibbs) also does this, pinpointing locations and placing the onlooker in the scene.

The Iconic campaign encompasses beautiful landscape stills and modern innovation via movement and video. Clever juxtapositions between landscape and product shots cement Antler’s identity as your trusted travel companion, to be taken wherever the road leads you. Complementary colours in the scenery and suitcases reflect Antler’s love of nature, timeless design and British sensibility. Our classic Clifton case was a natural fit for the campaign, its clean lines and earthy hues the perfect counterpoint to our photographer’s ever-changing journey.

The campaign landscapes’ rich autumnal colours of russet, ochre and khaki reflect Antler’s proud British heritage and enduring love of nature. As we look towards our next 100 years, sustainability emerges as a renewed focus. After all, we take protection seriously: our luggage guards your most precious possessions, and as a brand, we seek to protect the natural world that so inspires us. To encourage this sense of stewardship, and as part of our exciting relaunch, we have updated our warranty from 10 years to a lifetime, encouraging a lifelong luggage romance.

The Iconic campaign repositions us as so much more than luggage-makers. As the definitive British travel brand, we’re seeking to make the world a better place, one journey at a time. We’re on a mission to shape future generations of travellers, inspired by our rediscovered tagline: ‘For those who travel often.’ Like the coral hue featured in our new branding, this line has been reclaimed from Antler’s original advertisements from the 1920s. Devised in partnership with international creative studio Frosty, our reimagined identity includes a stylish new watermark courtesy of Gareth Hague, a tribute to our 20th-century roots. Our history continues to define us.

In keeping with this sense of regeneration, we will be unveiling new product launches in autumn 2023, alongside new creative collaborations, including a partnership with Soho House. The Iconic campaign imagery will refresh our website, and products and packaging will feature our new branding and taglines.

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So tell us, where in the UK are you dreaming of travelling to next?