How to pack jewellery in your Antler luggage
How to pack jewellery in your Antler luggage

How to pack jewellery for travel: an Antler Q&A

Ever wondered how to safely pack your beloved jewellery? Say a little prayer of thanks to the luggage gods; this is the Q&A for you.

First things first. To help protect valuable suitcase contents, we recommend our hard-shell luggage for its tough-as-nails exterior, including classic Clifton and squeak-free Stamford.

How to pack jewellery for travel

However, if you’re planning on bringing your entire jewellery collection with you (safely packed, as per the instructions below, of course), then soft luggage with its added flex and surprising sturdiness might suit you best. Pick from practical Prestwick, super-light Brixham or adventurous Bamburgh. For easy access to your treasures on the go, pop one or two favourite items in a Clifton Mini, a diminutive version of our beloved Clifton suitcase.

How to pack jewellery for travel

How to pack jewellery for travel

Q: How should I pack my jewellery for travel?

  1. We recommend using a jewellery travel organiser. Our smart collection of travel accessories includes these nifty packing cubes, which come in three sizes: small, medium and large. Place your organiser or cubes in the bottom of the suitcase, cushioned by layers for added protection, and pack around it. We also make stylish wash bags and minis, with plenty of space for treasures.
  2. Wrap delicate pieces in layers of kitchen roll or tissue paper.
  3. A pill case can double up as a lightweight jewellery box for smaller items.
  4. Place items in a resealable bag for protection.
  5. Use resealable kitchen wrap to secure several pieces in one neat parcel.
  6. Hook earrings through buttons to keep pairs together. Genius.
  7. Thread earrings through a small foam sheet – and secure the backs with sticky tape. No risk of any jewellery doing a runner.

How to pack jewellery for travel

Q: How can I stop necklaces from tangling when I travel?

Nobody wants to discover matted jewellery on arrival. To prevent this travel mishap, thread each of your necklaces through a straw, securing the necklace fastening to keep it looped on. You can also use a toilet roll tube or paper towel roll for larger necklaces and bracelets – get creative.

How to pack jewellery for travel

Q: And what about when I arrive?

Once you’ve settled in, see if you can carefully separate items of jewellery to keep them from getting tangled while you’re away. Keep gems stashed away safely in our packing cubes, a Clifton Mini or a leather wash bag – ready and waiting to dazzle when needed.

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