We take a closer look at our new cabin suitcase—here's everything you need to know
We take a closer look at our new cabin suitcase—here's everything you need to know

We take a closer look at our new cabin suitcase—here's everything you need to know

Ahead of when travel restrictions (hopefully) lift within the UK on Monday 12th April, we reveal our latest drop—the new Clifton Cabin with Pocket. Our first product launch of 2021, this swish new piece of hand luggage is the cabin suitcase you’ve been waiting for.

Antler Clifton hard-shell cabin case with pocket

Many of us will be much freer to work remotely when travel restrictions lift, and this case has been designed for packing for exactly that scenario. Whether you’re extending your long weekend in the Yorkshire Dales or (longer term, we can still dream...), spending another seven days in Sicily to work whilst soaking up la dolce vita, this cabin suitcase is smart but practical. Here we take a closer look at all the details—read on for everything you need to know.

Spacious front pocket

Antler Clifton Cabin with Pocket suitcase in black

As the name suggests our new Clifton Cabin with Pocket case has a spacious front pocket to give you easy access to your travel essentials when on the move. No more rummaging through your packing whilst you plunge your arm through a gap you've unzipped to be just large enough to take it—now you can keep all your necessities close to hand, and easy to find.

The front pocket has two slip pockets for your phone and password and is plenty deep enough for a book, noise-cancelling headphones and water bottle. And of course, we haven’t forgotten about your tech…

Premium laptop protection

Antler Clifton Cabin with Pocket suitcase in black

This Clifton Cabin with Pocket suitcase is designed with your laptop in mind. Inside the front pocket, we’ve built in a padded slip pocket to house a laptop up to 15.6”, with a premium, elasticated tab to secure it neatly in place. We’ve also tested it ourselves with a 13” laptop, and a 15”, both of which fit snugly. We’ve built in an adjacent pocket for a tablet or iPad, too.

Want a handy way to carry your cables, charger and adaptor? Our mini travel organisers are the perfect size and will also drop neatly into the front pocket of this case, for easy access.

Ergonomic, twist-grip handle

This is the feature you’ll find more useful than you think. The trolley handle on this case has a twist-grip, so that when your case is packed full, the automatic twist-action helps ease pressure on your wrist. It makes it much easier to get around, especially when switching from pulling the case behind you to rolling it alongside you.

An organised interior

Inside the Clifton Cabin with Pocket, we’ve included all our favourite design features we know you love. One side has classic packing straps, and a small, zipped slip pocket, whilst the other side has a full, zip around pocket, and two smaller zipped pockets, one mesh, one water-resistant. The latter is perfect for that last-minute dip by the pool before the dash to the airport. Remember those days? We’ll re-live them soon.

If you want to get even more organised with your packing, don’t miss our packing cubes—they’re the travel accessory you’ll wonder how you lived without (you can read our packing cubes review round up here).

Best-in-class, double-spinner wheels

Antler Clifton Cabin with Pocket suitcase in black

We design every element of our suitcases to work together, and for this sturdy piece of hand luggage we’ve included our favourite double-spinner wheels. They’re strong enough to withstand the rough and tumble of travel, and being double means the case easily spins in any direction you choose, so this cabin suitcase really does glide extremely smoothly when on the move.

Secure double lock

Antler Clifton cabin suitcase with front pocket

We include a TSA-lock with all our cases and this cabin suitcase is no exception. A TSA-lock is important because it’s the only one recognised internationally by airport security teams, who have the right to get into your suitcase for checks, whether it’s locked or not. A TSA-lock is the only lock that security teams can unlock easily with a key, so they won’t damage your case if they need to check its contents. And our Clifton Cabin with Pocket suitcase has an innovative double TSA-lock, that will secure the contents of both the case itself, as well as the front pocket. Smart.

10-year warranty

Antler Clifton Cabin with Pocket suitcase in black

We build our cases to last, and like all our suitcases, our Clifton Cabin with Pocket comes with a 10-year warranty, so you can get in touch with us within that timeframe if any of its features fail—the warranty is to cover our manufacture and design.

The warranty doesn’t cover damage caused by any mishandling at the airport (for example, if your case gets damaged when being loaded on or off a plane), but the airline you travel with should cover you for that. If you have any questions, you can see more on our warranty page here, or you can contact our customer service team.

A lightweight design

We design all our cases to be as lightweight as possible, because none of us want to be carrying around more than we need to, and we want to leave as much room for your own packing as possible. This Clifton Cabin with Pocket suitcase weighs 3.3kg, so it’s a little heavier than our standard Clifton cabin (that doesn’t feature a front pocket), which is 2.8kg. Always check any weight restrictions on the hand luggage allowance for the airline you're travelling with. Each airline is different, and some of the lower-cost carriers are particularly strict with enforcing them.   


Like all our Clifton cases, this case is colour-fast, which means that, whilst it will inevitably scratch over time as you use it, any scratches won’t reveal any ugly undercoating—our cases stay true to the colour they are. And if you do spot dirty marks, we've tried and tested the best product to remove them. Find out what it is and how to get hold of it, in this post here

Packing capacity

Antler Clifton hard-shell cabin case with pocket

Our regular Clifton cabin suitcases have a packing capacity of 37 litres, whilst this Clifton Cabin with Pocket case has a capacity of 38 litres. So it’s a little larger, as the pocket itself has some give in it, and will easily fit those chunky accessories we all like to fly with, like sunglasses or headphones. Remember not to confuse packing capacity with weight if you're travelling by plane—and check the hand luggage allowance specifically for the airline you're travelling with. 

Build your travel set

Antler Clifton Cabin with Pocket Suitcase

All of our products are designed to work together. That means that the colours we choose complement each other, products like our packing cubes are sized to fit neatly inside our Clifton cases, and our bags have features to work with our suitcases—all our Chelsea bags have a back sleeve to slot over a suitcase handle. The Clifton Cabin with Pocket works beautifully with either the Chelsea daypack or the Chelsea overnight bag, which are just the right size to sit neatly on top of the cabin case when if you want to roll the full set along as one. Our mini organiser is also a neat travel accessory to pack in anything from your hand sanitiser and mask to your phone charger or make up.  

The Clifton Cabin with Pocket in black is available here