How to pack toiletries and make up
How to pack toiletries and make up

How to pack toiletries and make-up for travel: an Antler Q&A

Nobody wants leaky shampoo on their clothing or bronzer on their swimwear. If you’ve ever wondered how to pack your toiletries safely and keep cosmetics free from spillages on the go, here’s the latest edition in our handy how-to guides. (Previous topics we’ve tackled include: essential items to pack in your hand luggage, how to clean hard-shell luggage, and five ways to use our best piece of hand luggage.) After all, travel is our business.

How to pack toiletries and make-up

Q: How do I pack make-up for a flight?

Our small-but–mighty travel accessories put a wealth of different options at your fingertips. If you’re checking in your luggage, packing cubes are perfect. They come in a variety of sizes (and shades) to suit different contents: put your make-up in the smallest cube and tuck underwear and small items of clothing in the medium cube. The clear mesh lid means you can see contents at a glance and there’s no need to unpack on arrival; just lift them out.

How to pack toiletries and make up

Your favourite lipstick or blusher will also be very happy at home in our irresistibly cute Clifton Mini, which has room for a phone, wallet, keys and an accessory or two, giving you easy access to your necessities on the go.

Q: Can you take make-up in hand luggage on a flight?

Make-up in a solid or powder form is allowed in carry-on and checked bags with no quantity or size limitations. However, for carry-on luggage, make-up in a liquid, lotion, gel, paste or creamy form must be in containers that are 100ml (3.4 ounces) or less. Buy a reusable clear bag in advance or store your cosmetics in one of Antler’s mini organisers, Clifton Minis or packing cubes, then transfer the contents over when you get to the airport.

How to pack toiletries and make-up

Q: Any top tips for packing travel make-up for carry-on?

The golden rule with hand luggage: less is always more. To save room and weight, opt for multi-purpose products like cheek and lip stains, or a bronzer palette with a highlighter included, which you can use as an eyeshadow too. A beloved lipstick will work well as a cream blusher. Many brands sell travel versions of their best-selling products.

Q: How do I pack toiletries in my carry-on?

Our stylish wash bags will do the trick. Give your toiletries a luxurious home in our Leather Brompton Wash Bag or opt for the neat, chic Chelsea Wash Bag. If you’re looking for something a little unusual, how about our Clifton Vanity Case, which can be strapped onto your carry-on case? It’s a mini version of our classic Clifton case: a hard-shell suitcase hero that’s designed to go the extra mile. Measuring in at just 16 × 34 × 27 (cm), it’s the perfect size for makeup and toiletries. At security, transfer your toiletries into a disposable clear bag, then place them back once you’re through.

Chelsea Hanging Wash Bag

Q: Any top tips for packing travel toiletries for carry-on?

Pare down your usual skincare and grooming regime and opt for the essentials only. Opt for products that double up: eg tinted moisturisers or moisturisers with added sun protection. Look for travel-size versions of your favourite products, or buy clear 100ml bottles and pour your products in at home before you leave: shampoo, conditioner, face wash, body lotion, detangler etc. You often can find sets of containers made especially for travel that include flip-top bottles, pump bottles, and more.

Sample perfumes or mini perfumes are a great way to smell nice while you’re away, without having to lug a heavy glass bottle. Store your toothbrush and dental floss in your carry-on case, saving space for liquids. Pack your liquids bag strategically to maximise the limited space available.

Leave a little bit of spare room, in case you decide to add something in or realise you’ve forgotten something important. Place your toiletries bag somewhere accessible: in a Clifton Crossbody, Mini or Vanity Case, or one of our stylish lifestyle bags, if your airline permits an additional small bag.

For more help with packing, use our nifty online packing tool, which generates personalised packing lists based on your trip.