Why you need our new Chelsea range in your life
Why you need our new Chelsea range in your life

Why you need our new Chelsea range in your life

Our brand-new range of travel bags and accessories has just landed. Here’s what’s in the collection, and six reasons why you need it.

1. It’s totally on trend

Vogue has declared 2019 the year designers are returning to minimalism, so Chelsea’s simple shapes and streamlined look make it a travel must-have.

2. It will make your life easier

The Chelsea daypack and Chelsea overnight bag are designed to slot over the trolley handle of your cabin suitcase, creating a simple travel system. The collection features a wash bag too (in small or large) and its shape ensures it will sit neatly in your case alongside our packing cubes, which in turn keep your clothes neatly packed together.

3. The packing cubes are life-changing

Seriously, if you don’t travel with packing cubes, you need some. The ultimate travel hack, they’re the perfect way to organise your suitcase. You won’t need to unpack on arrival either – simply lift the compression packing cubes out of your case and ta-da! Your holiday wardrobe is neatly organised. They even compress with a super-strong zip, so you can fit even more in your suitcase.

4. It’s practical, but premium

Thoughtfully designed, every bag in our Chelsea collection has a luxury-lined interior that lends a soft touch to sheltering your daily essentials. Every item features all the compartments you’ll need and has a premium finish—these lifestyle bags even feature leather design details.

5. It will last the distance

Made of a tough but durable, water-resistant nylon, every piece in the Chelsea range is built to last. It’s why we’ve got a score of 4.8/5 for our customer reviews – with over 100 years of history and innovation behind us, we know a thing or two about designing products that stand the test of time.

6. It will keep things clean

The humble shoe bag (£20 for a pair) is the simple solution to keeping your clothes protected from dirty shoes – it’s a travel no-brainer. Think where the soles of your shoes have been… do you really want them sitting on top of your freshly-washed holiday wardrobe? Thought not.

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