The ultimate gift shop for globetrotters
The ultimate gift shop for globetrotters

The ultimate gift shop for globetrotters

Whether it's a train or plane, the daily commute or an addiction to boutique breaks - one way or another, we’re all on the move. And that got us thinking - what else, beyond our own cases and luggage, makes travel that little bit easier? Turns out, as a set of passionate travellers ourselves at Antler HQ, we've all got our favourite brands we love who make travel accessories we can't live without.

And as it's Christmas gifting season, we thought we'd bring them all together and launch the ultimate gift shop for globetrotters. So that's exactly what we did - you can shop all of our favourite brands in our new online shop here - some brands you may already know, some you may not have heard of, but we guarantee they all offer something that's well worth packing. And whether you're looking for a gift for a business-class high-flyer or a fun-loving fashionista, we think you'll find something for everyone. Here's a round up of what's in store, and why we love it.

Ostrich Travel Pillow

You heard it here first - this innovative travel pillow is actually comfortable AND actually stylish. Plus, its removable washable cover makes it practical too. The ergonomic design has an adjustable velcro closure to give you total neck support. When you're on the move we know you aren't always sleeping so Ostrich made this pillow super squish-able - it compresses to 60% of its original size, and even comes with a handy travel bag. Say hello to your most comfortable nap yet.


Tartan Blanket Co. Travel Blanket

We’ve all heard the horror stories about plane blankets (we don't suggest you google 'do airlines wash their blankets...?') so basically, our advice is to pack your own. This is our favourite luxe alternative. It's made by the Tartan Blanket Co. and is the perfect-sized travel-blanket-slash-scarf-slash-wrap. The company's Edinburgh studio is independently owned and everything they make is inspired by the dramatic scenery of Scotland. If the fact that it's 100% lambswool isn't enough for you, the blanket is also anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, washable, and lightweight. It's extremely soft and brushed for a light, fluffy texture. Whether you're travelling by plane or train, or simply wrapping up in winter, this scarf is guaranteed to keep you super cosy.


Patchology On the Fly Kit

The founders of Patchology have a background in developing patch technologies in the medical field and we reckon that makes them pretty savvy. This compact kit really works, and works fast, to counteract the dehydrating effects of recirculated plane air. Pop this kit in your hand luggage and in just five minutes it will hydrate your skin, illuminate your complexion, wake up your tired puffy eyes and smooth dry lips. Why waste time recovering from the demands of travel, when this kit will have you arriving fresh? It’s as if you’ve had a full 8 hours on a flat bed at the front of the plane (even if you haven’t).

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The Steamery Cirrus No. 2 Steamer

This one really is a winner - it's a lightweight and beautiful-to-hold travel steamer that will ensure you arrive at dinner on day one dressed in clothes that are completely crease-free. Steam is the fashion industry’s insider secret. Why steam? It's a simpler, time-saving and gentler alternative to ironing and this portable steamer is perfect for travel. And who can ever find the hotel iron? Steaming clothes has extra benefits - it also keeps them fresher, deeper in colour and helps ensure they will last longer. Keeping clothes fresher is more environmentally friendly too as you can wash them less often. Bingo!


Suck Collapsible Bottle

SuckUK has a mission to design products that are innovative and original, and it has to pass the "gift test" - if the team would want it as a present themselves, it passes. We've all read the headlines about the vast amount of plastic bottles ruining our environment, so if you haven't got one yet, make this the one you choose. This sustainable, innovative and lightweight water bottle collapses to save on space in your bag when you're finished with it, so it's ready for next time. You won't leave home without this handy little gadget again.


Happy Ears Ear Plugs

The Swedish founder of this brand applied state-of-the-art design to the humble earplug and the results have impressed reviewers worldwide. These clever, reusable earplugs combine science and design to cut out irritating background noise without blocking your ability to hear completely. Not just designed to fit your ears, the premium comfort of the earplugs reduces sound evenly and even comes with a protective case. These earplugs are designed to last up to 12 months, too.


Infinity Bamboo Sleep Mask

Infinity produces better travel products that are extremely comfortable and designed for everyday use. This compact and sleek eye mask is made from bamboo, which is anti-microbial, temperature-regulating and breathable, making the perfect travel material. Who wouldn't want to drift off under some snuggly softness? Silky smooth, this eye mask will become your new best friend. The wide elastic band ensures a comfortable fit and gives you complete darkness.

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Monocle City Guides

A carefully curated selection of the most design-led places to discover – these city guides are packed with the ultimate insider knowledge. The lid is lifted on Monocle’s favourite spots, from the best route for a morning run to the best streets for independent shops. A hard-backed collection means you can throw it in your hand luggage and be the best prepared city-breaker of the lot. Choose from fashion week destinations New York, London, Paris or Milan. 


REN Clean Skincare & Now to Sleep Pillow Spray

REN is a skincare brand with clean living at its heart. Made from ingredients your skin would choose, from sustainable sources and sustainably packaged, this portable pillow spray is incredibly calming, smells divine and helps ensure you drift off easily, wherever you are, and regardless of what timezone you've crossed. Simply spritz it onto your pillow and your mind will calm and your sleep quality will improve.


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