Make for the Maldives
Make for the Maldives

Make for the Maldives

Welcome to one of the most beautiful places on earth...

A nation of over 1,000 islands surrounded by crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches, you’ll know the Maldives as the ultimate in holiday heaven. Taking inspiration from tropical travels, this treat of a colour palette, with its turquoise seas underneath a shimmering sun, inspired the design of our Juno Metallics case in Opal. MALDIVES_OPAL_MOODBOARD

Here’s our guide to the Maldives, the destination of daydreams…

Which island?

With over 100 islands to choose from, the only problem is which to pick. Each of the resort islands boasts a winning combination of palm trees, beaches, lagoon and reef so worry not – wherever you head, you’ll be on to a winner. The north has smaller islands and plenty of underwater reefs for snorkelling, whilst the south has deeper lagoons that are perfect for scuba diving. Don’t think that the Maldives is just for couples – it’s gaining a reputation as a popular (if pricey) destination for families, so check your hotel policy if you’re not keen on other people’s little nippers sharing your sunsets. You’ll need to transfer to all islands from the international hub of Malé—the furthest island is 90 minutes away by plane whilst others are served only by boat.


What to do?

Quite how much there is to do—other than swim, snorkel and relax in the sun – depends on where you’re staying but you won’t be short of options. Try…
  • Island hopping – visit another resort or uninhabited island with a stop for a snorkel along the way.
  • Fishing – sail over the reef in a dhoni (a local wooden sailing boat) and catch your DIY dinner.
  • Dolphin watching at sunset – sightings are frequent so don’t miss your chance.
  • Water sports – you’ll be spoilt for choice - Catamaran sailing, kayaking or kitesurfing...
  • Eat traditional Maldivian food at the islands’ many local cafés.
  • Plane hop from atoll to atoll by chartering an air taxi.
  • Visit the world’s first underwater restaurant, under-water nightclub and underwater spa – they’re all here.


When to go

Due to its proximity to the equator, the Maldives sees warm weather year-round, though like most countries in the Indian Ocean there is a monsoon season. The best time to visit is during the dry season, which runs from January to April. 120652-reethi-faru-resort-003.jpg Appetite whetted? Pack your Juno Metallics case and we’ll look out for you on your #antlertravels