British Airways 2024 Cabin Bag Sizes
British Airways 2024 Cabin Bag Sizes

British Airways 2024 Cabin Bag Sizes

Traveling light with hand luggage on British Airways comes with a suite of advantages. It’s a budget-friendly option as you’re not paying extra for checked baggage, and it's also a time-saver – say goodbye to waiting at baggage carousels. Plus, the convenience of carrying less is a bonus.

However, navigating the size and weight guidelines for cabin bags can be tricky, especially with varying airline policies. In this segment, we delve into British Airways' cabin baggage rules to ensure you’re well-prepared and avoid any travel hiccups. This information is accurate as of January 2024. 

British Airways Cabin Bag Size

Every economy ticket permits you to bring one cabin bag free of charge as long as it measures a maximum of 56cm x 45cm x 25cm. In addition, you can bring a personal item measuring 40cm x 30cm x 15cm. Ideal for keeping your essentials and a bit more within reach. 

British Airways Checked Luggage

Your ticket type decides your checked baggage allowance, which is generally up to 23kg in Economy and Premium Economy, and upto 32kg in First and Business. 

British Airways Baggage Fees

Navigating fees can be a bit of a jigsaw puzzle. Remember, it's all about your ticket type and those precious frequent flyer perks. Watch out for extra charges on those bulkier bags. 

British Airways Baggage Size FAQs

What is the baggage allowance for Gold and oneworld Emerald members?

Gold and oneworld Emerald members are allowed 1 additional checked bag upto 32kg. This doesn’t apply to the Basic fare. 

What is the baggage allowance for Silver and oneworld Sapphire members?

Silver and oneworld Sapphire travellers are allowed 2 checked bags upto 32kg in any travel cabin. Again, this does not apply on a Basic fare. 

Am I allowed to take a small bag or handbag with me as well as my cabin case?

Absolutely! Along with your cabin case, squeeze in a small bag or handbag. It's the perfect hideaway for your travel tidbits. 

Can you pool or combine your baggage allowance?

British Airways' policy stipulates that each traveler must adhere to their own checked baggage allowance; pooling or sharing with others in the travel party is not permitted. It's essential for security reasons that passengers only check in luggage they have personally packed and remain responsible for any baggage linked to their name in the booking. Exceeding the weight or number limit for baggage as per your ticket might incur charges for a heavy or extra bag.

For more details, please refer to the British Airways baggage essentials webpage. 

What If My Cabin Bag Is Overweight/ Oversized?

For oversized baggage in the hold, the maximum size allowed is 190cm x 75cm x 65cm. These are classified as out-of-gauge bags and can be included within your checked baggage allowance, but must be processed at the out-of-gauge bag drop at least 90 minutes before flight departure. There's no need to inform British Airways in advance about a larger bag, but arriving early at the airport for check-in is recommended. 

What size cabin suitcase can I take if I pay for British Airways checked-in luggage?

BA's generous size guide lets you bring a suitcase just right for your grand escapades, although it does depend on the type of ticket you have. The maximum dimensions for checked luggage is 90 x 75 x 43cm and if you’re flying Economy or Economy Plus, then you can travel with upto 23kg. First and Business are allowed upto 32kg. 

Is it possible to pay nothing for British Airways hand luggage?

British Airways hand luggage flies free, as long as it fits the size bill. Travel light, travel smart! 

What are the British Airways hand luggage rules when traveling with infants?

For infants under 24 months not occupying a seat on British Airways, BA Cityflyer, or BA Euroflyer, regardless of cabin class, a checked baggage allowance of a 23kg bag is permitted.

However, additional baggage allowance for such infants cannot be purchased.

On a hand luggage only (Basic) fare, neither you nor your infant are permitte to a checked baggage allowance, and additional hold baggage cannot be bought for your infant.

Children and infants with their own seats can enjoy the same free baggage allowance as adults. Further details on family baggage options can be found on the British Airways website. 

Which Antler bags fit the free British Airways hand luggage allowance?

Here's a list of our suitcases that comply with BA's hand luggage dimensions:

  • The classic Icon cabin with expander, a timeless classic suitcase built to last. Available in black, indigo, heather purple, moorland pink and antler green
  • Our hard-shell Icon cabin case with four, 360-degree double spinner wheels, manoeuvrability made easy
  • Our Soft Stripe four-wheeled soft-sided cabin, a pleasure to walk with due to it's great balance between durability and weight

Do gifts and duty-free count as part of your baggage allowance?

Yes. Remember, your duty-free shopping is part of your hand baggage allowance on British Airways. To avoid any hiccups, pop your duty-free treasures into your hand luggage before boarding and importantly, make sure there is enough room to do so. If you go over your hand luggage limit, you may need to check them into hold.