The September Issue: Behind the scenes with Theresa Marx
The September Issue: Behind the scenes with Theresa Marx

The September Issue: Behind the scenes with Theresa Marx

Theresa Marx has shot for clients as varied and iconic as British Vogue, Roksanda and Emilia Wickstead. Fresh from our campaign shoot for The September Issue - our new collection of Clifton suitcases and Chelsea lifestyle bags in a palette of modern neutrals - she headed straight off on a trip to Georgia. We caught up with her before she went fully off-grid, to find out how she got started in photography, where she finds her inspiration and what she looks for in a piece of luggage.

How did you get started in photography?

I actually studied fashion design, and photography has always been a hobby of mine. Through sharing projects and shoots I did of friends online, people started wanting to collaborate and step by step I ended up doing editorials and later on, commercial work. It was a happy accident. I love meeting new people and the diversity of each project.

Is there one thing you wish someone had told you when you started out?

How important it is to be true to yourself and stand up for your beliefs, especially as a woman. The fashion industry, as well as the field of photography, can be quite tough. Prioritising what is important and being self-confident is something I had to learn, and still work on.

What’s been your career highlight so far?

Tricky one! One memorable moment was photographing the cast of Sex Education before the show aired. It was a super fun shoot and I then loved recognising the faces and their own personalities when watching the show.

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Do you travel often for work?

There is no way around travelling in my job and each shoot is different. Changing scenery, location or even countries is what makes each shoot unique. From beach to studio, from mountains to hotel room, from an abandoned mansion to a cornfield in the countryside – it’s all about variety!

Does travel inspire you?

Yes, yes and yes. I take home a lot of inspiration from each trip. People watching is one of my favourite things to do, making notes of how they move and communicate and then trying to translate that into my work – that brings me real pleasure. Landscapes, colours or even the way people dress, can be great references for set designs and concepts for a shoot.

Any travel tips for busy trips?

Pack as light as possible! Nothing really important is impossible to replace (unless it’s your passport). Carrying lots of weight slows you down and distracts you from the beautiful things around you.

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What’s your ultimate packing tip?

I like to organise my items in different compartments, trousers in one bag, tops in another and so on. That way, I avoid a mess when looking for things and I know exactly where everything is. So I guess my tip really is – use packing cubes!

What’s the one surprising thing you pack in your hand luggage?

A sketchbook. And I always travel with a toothbrush and toothpaste in my hand luggage. No matter how long my journey might be – it helps me feel prepared.

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What did you want to bring to this shoot for Antler?

I think it’s important to create relatable images both with the models as well in the overall feel of the shoot. We wanted it to have the feel of everyday life, but with chic and relevant styling. I love the colours, and the overall easy look of the Clifton suitcase – it’s timeless but not boring.

I love Notting Hill, too. It was one of the first places I came across when I first visited London. It has the perfect mix of being quirky but with a beautiful, elegant English vibe as well, and that’s what we all dream of when coming to London.

Have you worked with Robyn (Kotze, creative director and stylist) before?

Robyn and I have worked on a lot of shoots together, from editorials to smaller shoots and commercial jobs. I really love the energy she brings to each shoot: she’s always positive and engaging and of course, her styling is always on point!

Theresa Marx shot our new campaign, The September Issue, for the new Clifton suitcases. See more of her work at