The Joy of Travel: Remi Afolabi on Lisbon, New Zealand and a sense of freedom
The Joy of Travel: Remi Afolabi on Lisbon, New Zealand and a sense of freedom

The Joy of Travel: Remi Afolabi on Lisbon, New Zealand and a sense of freedom

We chat to fashion blogger Remi Afolabi about what travel means to her and find out where's first on her destination hit list when restrictions lift. Follow @RemiAfolabi

Remi Afolabi

What does travel mean to you? 

Travel means a lot of things to me, as it encompasses many elements that can truly change us. Travel is important because it opens our eyes and minds to the world, but in the same breath, unravels so much more about who we are as individuals. It feeds our curiosity, aids in our personal growth, challenges us, deepens our compassion, allows us to connect and create meaningful relationships with others, drives reflection, and so much more! 

 Clifton luggage by Remi Afolabi

What are you most looking forward to about travelling when the world opens up? 

Remi Afolabi

The sense of freedom that comes with travelling is something I'm looking forward to. The freedom to explore, discover, reconnect and immerse myself in something or someplace new is a privilege I can never take for granted! I'm also looking forward to creating much more meaningful and fulfilling experiences wherever I may be in world. Not being able to travel has really put my reasons for travelling into perspective. I want to make sure that I travel more mindfully and set good intentions in regards to the destinations I choose to visit. 

Describe a moment, that you only experience when travelling, that you can’t wait to experience again? 

Image by Remi Afolabi

I think the build-up of excitement prior to being in a different destination is what I can't wait to experience again. I miss the journey of arriving at the airport, wandering around for a while, finally getting that call to head to the gates, walking down the plane aisle, and taking off into the sky. The eagerness during those moments is truly unmatched. 

Which European destination is first on your list and why? 


I have a few places in mind but Portugal definitely takes the top spot. My sister and I had two weeks there, booked for early summer 2020, but due to Covid, our trip had to be cancelled. I've never been there before and it's been on my wish list for a while, especially Lisbon in particular. We had planned to make Lisbon our first and longest stop, and then travel to other parts of country from there. We recently agreed that if it's safe to travel later on in the year, that's where we're heading to first! 


Which long haul destination are you longing to explore and why? 

New Zealand

New Zealand is a destination I want to visit in the future. I would love to explore its breath-taking landscapes, experience the Māori culture first hand, and expand on my adventurous side—as I know New Zealanders are known for their love of outdoor adventure, and have plenty of activities to offer.  

Name a place that you love so much, you’d happily return to time and time again. What is so special about it for you? 

Tokyo by Remi Afolabi

Tokyo definitely has my heart! I live for the modern city life but in the same breath enjoy peace and tranquillity just as much, and Tokyo marries the two perfectly depending on where you wander to within the city. What I love most about Japan in general is its very distinctive culture, and how modernity is embraced without letting go of unique traditions. The cuisine, architecture, crafts,entertainment, and art scene are also top notch! 

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Remi travels with the Clifton cabin in taupe, the Clifton medium in taupe and the Chelsea overnight bag in taupe.

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