The Joy of Travel: Hong Kong, Ibiza and a break from the norm with Kavita Mehta
The Joy of Travel: Hong Kong, Ibiza and a break from the norm with Kavita Mehta

The Joy of Travel: Hong Kong, Ibiza and a break from the norm with Kavita Mehta

First up in our interview series celebrating the many joys of travel is fashion stylist @KavitaCola. With two children under two, we find out what she loves about being on the move, and where she's most keen to go next. 

What does travel mean to you? 

Kavita in Marrakech

Travel to me means a break from the norm. It means switching it up, eating different food, sleeping at different times and switching off from the usual daily things. Travel is a huge breath of fresh air and a different outlook.

Why do you think travel is important? 

Kavita Mehta
I feel like leaving home gives you a different dimension and helps you diversify how you look at things and see things. It provides a new perspective mentally and literally. I feel like normal living can get you into mind traps especially when you do the same things often, like go the same route daily to work or even weekly. Mind traps can get you in a rut in how you thing about things, so making small changing like changing your route even when going to the same destination, it can give you a new way of seeing. Travel does this but times ten, this is why travel is so important.

What are you most looking forward to about travelling in 2021?

Kavita Mehta
I look forward to traveling with my girls and taking them away. I look forward to the whole journey aspect of it too. No doubt it will be full on with two babies but the thought it excited me so much! My last baby was born in peak pandemic so she’s barely left the city bless her heart.

Describe a moment, that you only experience when travelling, that you can’t wait to experience again?

Hong Kong

The heat that hits you off the plane. I remember going to Hong Kong for the first time and it was seeing the city in lights when we landed, to then feeling that moist heat as soon as the aeroplane opened it doors. Then just staring out of the window in the cab on route to central Hong Kong, going across the bridge and seeing the docks and the vast shipping crates around the edge of the city, then moving into the smaller hilly streets of Hong Kong. Everything from the fire hydrants on the pavements, to the different sound of the fire engines which sound so different from home, to people watching one the busy streets, I love the overwhelming feeling of just sitting back and watching everything go by.  

Which European destination is first on your list and why?

Comporta, Portugal

I visited years ago with my family but I’m desperate to go to Portugal and see Comporta. I’ve heard so many amazing things about it and can’t wait to go with my new family that I have today. I’ve heard that it’s really child friendly and low key but cool, and now with children it's really got to work with the children.

Which long haul destination are you longing to explore and why?  


I want to go to Japan and see Tokyo and Kyoto. My husband and I wanted to go in our first year of marriage but we had a baby, then another soon after so travelling so far with infant’s might not have been the best idea. I’d love to see the Cherry Blossom in Kyoto and also enjoy Japanese food in Japan.

Name a place that you love so much, you’d happily return to time and time again. 

Udaipur, India
There are a few but top on my list would it would have to be between India and Ibiza. Very different I know. So Ibiza is somewhere where I have visited for years. I used to go with friends and just enjoy the sea, sand, food and music. Then my husband and I have visited together and with friends. I love long lunches on the beach followed by long dinners. There is something magnetic about that Island, I’m not sure exactly what but I just love being there so much and can’t wait to make more memories there.
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