SEA & SKY: This fashion photographer takes us to Balearic beaches
SEA & SKY: This fashion photographer takes us to Balearic beaches

SEA & SKY: This fashion photographer takes us to Balearic beaches

To celebrate the launch of our new Camber collection of suitcases in two new hues of Sea Green and Sky Blue, we commissioned three wanderlust-inducing travel photographers to take a trip to the coast to produce a photo series on the theme, Sea and Sky.

Up first is Barcelona based photographer, creative director and journalist Carla Cuenca Cortés. Here she takes us behind the scenes in the Balearics, to beaches, barrios and the traditional white-washed buildings of Mallorca. 

Cala Sant Vincenç, Pollença, Mallorca

Sea & Sky

"Sea & Sky makes me think of life and freedom. It's my lifestyle, and my best landscape to photograph, which for me is a constant balance between what I dream of and what I'm capable of doing.


Top: Far de Ses Salinas | Bottom: Osa Major, Mallorca

Paradise island

"I love Mallorca because it has quiet, Mediterranean locations and it's easy to disconnect there. For me, Mallorca is a real dream of a place, where you can escape from the routine and hustle and bustle of the city. It makes for an idyllic trip, where sea and sky are paradisiacal, with turquoise water and where the sky is my favourite kind of blue. My husband lived on the island for a long time and always knows the best and furthest away places to capture the most magical moments.

Cala Sant Vincenç, Pollença, Mallorca

A natural setting

"With my photographs for this campaign for Camber, as for all the projects I do, I wanted to capture the serenity, calm and harmony between the wildness of nature and the minimalism of coastal and home buildings. I wanted to achieve a feeling of peace, harmony and elegance with my shots, and when shooting the pieces, I want a photograph where the product blends perfectly with the landscape behind. 


Plata Des Dolç, Mallorca

Balearic beaches

"I always enjoy travelling to the Balearic Islands and in Mallorca it's heaven to visit turquoise beaches such as Cala del Mago, Cala Carbó or Es Cargol. It's also essential to eat the traditional food of the island, like pa amb oli, which is toast with tomato and different inlay or meats on top. Some of our favourite restaurants are Toque de queda and S’Hostal. Don't miss them!


Left & Far Right: Sant Vicenç, Mallorca | Centre: Salinas de Es Trenc, Mallorca 

Pastel pairings

"Aesthetically the Camber suitcases are beautiful—pastel colours are my greatest references when it comes to inspiration and I always gravitate towards objects of these tones, they're my favourites. Being able to work with them in the landscapes I love was an exciting brief for me.  


Beach Club Gran Folies, Mallorca

Beauty in the detail

"From a practical perspective, given that luggage has a job to do, the Camber cases are comfortable and light, but also look elegant. For me, it's as important that a suitcase is easy to use as it is that it looks good. I like the details too—its inner lining and the pockets for placing small things, such as my photography accessories—those are the important things I look for in luggage


Port d'Antratx, Mallorca

Coastal inspiration

"The coast has been my great source of inspiration since I was very young. I'm from Barcelona, but really the sea that inspires me is the Costa Brava. It's a wilder sea and that represents me more than the sea we find in the city. I like the sea in its most natural sense, and connecting with nature.

Cala Barques, Mallorca


"I love all my photographs of the sea. They are always so inviting that I feel like I can immerse myself, just by looking at the photo. Taking those kinds of photos and later being able to get into the water is the perfect experience for me. I'm also very captivated by my photographs of white architecture, especially the type you  find in the Balearic Islands.

Follow Carla's travels here and see the full Sea & Sky campaign here.

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